5000kg Pfaff STW-V Steel Jack - Adjustable Claw


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Steel jacks with ADJUSTABLE lifting claw.

Steel jacks with adjustable lifting claw designed for use in confined or tight areas.

High quality spur gear and robust steel housing offer long service life.

The crank handle, in different executions, moves the jack shaft at the rack. The toe height of the claw can be adjusted to the required mounting or maintenance application.

Pfaff steel jacks are supplied with SIKU braked safety crank fitted as standard.

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Brand:Pfaff Silberblau
Origin:GB Flag Image United Kingdom
Lifting capacity:5000kg
Minimum head height:720mm
Claw height - 1:62mm
Claw height - 2:159mm
Claw height - 3:256mm
Claw height - 4:353mm
Claw height - 5:450mm
Claw height - 6:547mm
Documentation:CE Marked and comes with Certification
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