Plate Clamps

These plate clamps are primarily used for transporting sheet metal and steel plates in the vertical or horizontal positions, as well as lifting and rotating, they are an easy product to use and offer a great range of lifting capacities.
Non-Marking Plate Clamps Image

Non-Marking Plate Clamps

Non-Marking Friction Plate Clamps Image

Non-Marking Friction Plate Clamps

Pile Pulling Clamps Image

Pile Pulling Clamps

Pile Pitching Clamps Image

Pile Pitching Clamps

Board Clamps Image

Board Clamps

Swivel Hook Screw Clamps Image

Swivel Hook Screw Clamps

Two Way Screw Clamps Image

Two Way Screw Clamps

Hand Grip Clamps Image

Hand Grip Clamps

Vertical Plate Clamps Image

Vertical Plate Clamps

Hinged Universal Plate Clamps Image

Hinged Universal Plate Clamps

Horizontal Plate Clamps Image

Horizontal Plate Clamps

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